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LiveJournal is a Dick

Sorry LiveJournal and LiveJournal Fans, but last night I wrote what I thought was a pretty good blog entry. However, when I went to post it, not for the first time either, LiveJournal screwed up and ate my words and, instead, vomited up half a paragraph of an entry I'd deleted long previously.

So, I have learned my lesson. LiveJournal is a Dick and I am moving on.

My new journal is at misty2k.posterous.com/ and that is where I will be posting my stuff in future.
This will remain live though if anyone knows a good export tool so I can take all the entries with me thta would be good.
Peace and be wild y'all, see you on Posterous,
Dee x 



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Jun. 2nd, 2011 09:27 pm (UTC)

Oh well. I suppose I can put the RSS feed in Google Reader and see your posts that way, but it's not the same! Boo. Hoo.
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