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#Janathon - Day 13

Once More Unto The Beach
There hasn't been even a sniff of sunshine in Brighton for two days now. Constant mist which occasionally bucks it's ideas up and makes a passing attempt at drizzle. It's also windy and generally rubbish.

Surprisingly this has made for a couple of quite pleasant runs. Yesterday's loop around some streets I had not run before and today a refreshing 5K along good old faithful Hove seafront. I didn't make a remarkable time today, but am happy sitting around the 7 minutes per kilometre mark for now. I do want to speed up and would like to aim for a sub 60 minute 10K in the spring. So at some stage relatively soon, but probably after Janathon, I am going to need so help improving my pace.

Here's an edit from my initial entry as I just checked my cumulative stats for #Janathon. Today's run took me past the 26.22 mile mark. I have, therefore run over a marathon distance since I began. OK, it's taken me 13 days to achieve this, but hey, it's something!

Oh, and in other news, my line manager (a classic case of "nice bloke" but terrible at his job syndrome) has handed in his resignation. He leaves in around 6 weeks. Yippee!

Stats - Day 13
Distance : 3.107 miles / 5.00 km
Time : 35:04
Pace : 11m 17s per mile / 7m 01s per km
Total Janathon mileage: 27.13 miles
See also... RunKeeper activity with map and pace details.


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Jan. 14th, 2011 05:58 pm (UTC)
Well done for doing a marathon! Sounds quite nice to be able to run by the sea.
Jan. 14th, 2011 07:47 pm (UTC)
It is. The sea provides a great background, both sight and sound. Am looking forward to running next to it in *good* weather.
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